Magnetic Displays

Magnetic Displays Product Information

The idea of putting magnetic material under the base of figures is to ensure they remain upright while being transported in steel tool boxes. Users of plastic carrying boxes, A4 file boxes etc. can achieve the same result by adding a lining of Steel Paper.

Since magnets can repel as well as attract, putting magnetic material onto both surfaces does not work unless the lines of magnetism happen to coincide. Since this cannot be guaranteed, the combination of magnetic material and steel is always preferable, with the closest possible contact between magnet and steel.

To reduce the added height, some users of small figures (10mm and below) prefer to put steel paper under the figures and then line their carrying boxes with magnetic material. Magnetically lined boxes can also be used by those who base their figures on steel washers.

All products (except plain material) are adhesive-backed for ease of use, and can be cut with scissors, craft knife, or a small guillotine.

For those wishing to use their own glue, Plain Magnetic Sheets 200mm x 150mm are available in packs of 6 pieces.

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